Canadian Tenors Rely on APB-DynaSonics

APB Spectra Ti Finds Rocky Mountain Home

May 2011

When Chris Jacobs, owner of Westminster, Colorado based Jacobs Audio, found himself needing to update his aging analog mixing console inventory, he immediately turned to APB-Dynasonics Spectra Ti. The Spectra-Ti is a feature rich analog console with VCA control on inputs and outputs, mono/stereo/3-speaker LCR monitoring, 10 aux sends, and versatile output and matrixing capabilities. Each of the four bands on the EQ section is sweepable. The Spectra Ti was chosen based initially on features and price, and also on Chris's long-standing respect for company founder Chuck Agustowski. "I like that Chuck and his team are building consoles in the U.S. The company is accessible and their level of service is top notch."

Warm and fuzzy feelings aside, Jacobs, a confessed EQ aficionado, put the Spectra Ti through his standard new console in-the shop-break-in. "I hooked the APB to a batch of Clair 12 am wedges and cranked the level. I was immediately struck at the channel EQs response. With most consoles I would be looking at outboard EQ to assist in getting the sound I'm looking for, or to get the levels that I need. The Spectra Ti has sweepable high frequency, high mids, low mids, and low frequency controls, plus a sweepable high pass filter. It sounds great."

Jacobs Audio provides production, audio, lighting and backline for events throughout Colorado and the western states. And while many, if not most, of his clients want digital desks, there are plenty of riders and sound mixers who still want to be able to grab a fistful of faders. Jacobs says, "We have a show coming up with Lyle Lovett and his FOH mixer will only use an analog console. The APB Spectra Ti will fit the bill perfectly."

Plans are also underway to use the Spectra Ti for an installation at the nearby Arvada Center. The 500-seat theater presents many Broadway style shows as well as concerts. Citing the Spectra Ti's matrix capabilities, Jacobs feels that the console will quickly find a new use and home there.