APB Console Steers at Navy Pier

APB Console Steers at Navy Pier

March 2011

(The Navy Pier Ballroom, home to corporate events, trade shows, and large, high profile meetings, has purchased an APB-Dynasonics Spectra T console to handle sound mixing duties. The board is configured with 48 inputs and will be charged with handling both FOH and monitor chores. The Spectra-T is a feature rich analog console with VCA control on inputs and outputs, mono/stereo/3-speaker LCR monitoring, 10 aux sends, and versatile output and matrixing capabilities. Each of the four bands on the EQ section is sweepable.

The ballroom is a 20,000 square foot domed building with a 90' high ceiling at the top of the dome. Due to extreme weather conditions inside-the room temperatures when not in use is only 10-15 degrees different that that of the outside-ruggedness was a prime consideration.

When the original console at Navy Pier finally came to the end of its life cycle, Jorge Mazzarri, Director of Event Management at the Navy Pier, contacted Chicago area professional audio rental provider, TC Furlong, Inc, and asked about rental possibilities and what console they would recommend. According to Jeff Cech, at TC, "Their needs were relatively simple-the original console was being replaced, space was tight and the APB fit in that space. We use APB's in our rental stock and love the performance so this was a natural choice."

As the rental period drew to a close, Navy Pier was sold on the APB Spectra T and ready to purchase. Carl Schwartz, whose company Loft/AV reps APB in Chicago, was able to put a sale together via Clair Brothers Chicago office.

Mazzarri says, "I can't overemphasize the importance of reliability to us in somewhat unusual conditions. Our electricians, who usually operate the board, love it and it sounds great."