Taz's Bio
Taz Bhogal
Senior Design Engineer
      Taz has been designing consoles for the Audio industry for 18 years. After finishing his Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey, England, UK. He entered the audio industry immediately by joining Trident Audio Developments. Working initially as a Test Engineer, he progressed to a position as head of Test Department working on the Trident Series 65 and 80 consoles. Taz moved rapidly to Engineering where as a Chief Engineer he designed and developed Custom Series 65 and Series 80 consoles and renowned studio recording consoles including the digitally controlled analog console DI-AN, Vector 432 and Series 90 consoles. He was involved in major installations of Trident consoles in the USA and UK. Because of his exposure to the US market,Taz decided to move to New York and worked as a consultant working in recording studios with Trident installations.

       In 1993, Taz joined Crest Audio and teamed up with John Petrucelli and Chuck Augustowski. In his position as Design Engineer he and John combined to design the successful line of consoles including the Century series, X-Series, the rack mount XR Series, V12 and eventually the HP8 series. After leaving Crest he joined up again with Chuck Augustowski and John Petrucelli in their new venture in the formation of APB-DynaSonics where he is co-owner and Senior Design Engineer.

       In his spare time (if any), Taz indulges in many sporting activities including tennis, soccer and swimming. He can also often be found pool sharking at the local bars and is a avid gambler frequenting the local casinos. He has a keen interest in art and has drawn and sold some of his pictures.